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Summer Athlete Series: Meet Sydney Anger

Sydney Anger, women's golf team member.
Sydney Anger, women's golf team member.
Sydney Anger – Women's Golf 

What started as a time filler for Sydney Anger has become one of her greatest passions. The incoming freshman began golfing just four years ago and will now be one of the first members of the newest addition to the SC4 athletics program: Women's golf. 

"I went to Marysville High School. During my freshman year my friends and I just started playing as a joke," Anger said. "None of us played a fall sport, so we said, 'Let's just play golf.'" 

And so they did. By her junior year, Anger had become team captain and helped her team to county and division championships, and then again in her senior year, the team went all the way to regionals and won. The Vikings were also undefeated in their conference both of those seasons. 

"My coach wasn't pushy, but she was confident that I could play in college," Anger said. "I started seeing a swing coach during my junior year."  

Her coach made the right prediction about Anger's potential. She had become dedicated to her sport, giving up soccer and gymnastics to focus on her swing. Pretty soon SC4's Celina Grondin reached to Anger and set up a meeting in November. By January Anger had committed to the team. 

"I had always planned on going to SC4, and then once they started a women's golf team, I thought that would be perfect," Anger said. "I know I'm going to study business, like human resources, but I'm not really sure exactly where I want to go with that."  

Anger said she's looking forward to working with Grondin as well. 

"She's really good at golf, and she's super nice and explained everything really well," Anger said. "She knows my swing coach, so she knows what I've been doing this summer. And she played college tennis so the has the college sports experience so that will help too." 

Anger has been working on her game all summer. She said she tries to get out on the course twice a week and to the driving range on weekdays. She also said it's been fun to see more people out golfing this summer. 

"When I first started no one was really interested in golf, but now everybody wants to be golfing," she said. "And now it gives me more opportunities to play with my friends."  

Meeting new people and making new friends is one of Anger's favorite parts of the sport. She said that although she loves the competition, she loves the people too. As for her newest adventure with the Skippers, she's excited for that too.  

"I'm kind of nervous. I take competition seriously, but I'm not in it just for the competition. I like meeting new people too," she said. "I'm really excited for the season, and being the first one is really cool."