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Coaches Highlight Series: Meet Ron Matthews

Head Softball Coach, Ron Matthews
Head Softball Coach, Ron Matthews
Ron Matthews – Head Softball Coach 

SC4 head softball coach Ron Matthews sure has proven his love and dedication to the game. He has a longstanding history of involvement in the sport, from umpire to coach and everything in between, Matthews has plenty of experience on the ball field. 

He's been coaching the Skippers since 2006 and says the team is his favorite part of coaching the team. 

"I just like being with the girls and working with different girls from different areas," Matthews said.  

His knowledge and love for the game don't go unnoticed by his athletes.  

"He has a very high softball IQ," catcher Evelyn Swantek said. "It really helps on and off the field being able to ask him questions like, 'What would you do in this type of situation?' and he's just a really great guy in general."  

Before he became a coach, his career began as a baseball player at Croswell-Lexington High School in the late 60s. Matthews was a four-year varsity pitcher and first baseman. After graduating in 1970, he couldn't stay away from the game, so be became an umpire for baseball and softball. 

As his kids Stephanie and Steven grew older, he became more involved in their athletic programs as well. Matthews coached his daughter's travel team for a while, and before she entered high school, he was approached with an opportunity to coach at his alma mater.  

"One day at a game I was talking to [Cros-Lex Athletic Director Ron] Huepenbecker, and he was talking about some of the things he didn't like, and then he asked me if I would want to coach," Matthews said. "With my daughter coming into high school, I thought it would be a good idea."  

Shortly after his daughter graduated in 2003, Matthews made his way to SC4 to take the position of head softball coach where he's been ever since. 

Off the field, Matthews worked in the Sanilac Country Sheriff's Department, from where he retired in 2002. In the latter part of his career there, he was a part of the Marine Division. 

"In the summer I ran the Marine Division and taught boater's safety classes in the winter," Matthews said. "I liked that every day was different, we were always doing something new and didn't always know what to expect."   

Matthews now works part-time as a part of the Maintenace crew at Erhardt's Pharmacy. When he's not working or coaching, you might find him hunting, fishing, or officiating football games. 

"I officiated high school football and basketball for a while too," Matthews said. "I still do football, but I gave up basketball a few years ago. It got too hard on my knees. But I do a lot of BWAC or greater Thumb Area games." 

Matthews lives in Croswell, Michigan. "Only one mile away from where I was raised," he said.